Linda S. Spedding - Due Diligence and Corporate Governance

Linda S. Spedding - Due Diligence and Corporate Governance
Due Diligence and Corporate Governance
Due Diligence and Corporate Governance is a general guide to a subject of growing importance. This handbook shows you how due diligence is used to assess the risk of any transaction, customer or investor for all businesses regardless of size or location. There are three main reasons for the rise in the profile and uses of due diligence: - Companies are now doing deals all over the world and must be increasingly vigilant about the individuals and companies they are dealing with. - Investors, consumers and the media are putting pressure on companies to avoid dealing with ethically, environmentally or socially irresponsible organizations. - Internal controls must address the increasing regulatory requirements introduced in response to corporate scandals and the terrorist threat. Due diligence allows companies to profile the companies and individuals they are thinking of dealing with before any commitment is made, providing an effective safeguard against criminal activity, reputational damage, or breaches of legislation. With its diverse coverage and focus on the practical uses of due diligence, combined with explanations and illustrations of best practice by case studies, diagrams and checklists, this handbook is the essential guide for all those involved in corporate transactions and risk management. The handbook: - Provides a broad introductory guide to due diligence. - Examines due diligence in the context of risk management and corporate governance. - Is straightforward, comprehensive and practical. - Uses case studies to illustrate business users. - Includes checklists to monitor risk management. - Provides insights into comparative corporate governance framework.