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Medical terminology, an illustrated guide

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Название: Medical terminology, an illustrated guide
Автор: Неизвестный (Загрузил Denis aka Rock Lee)
Категория: Биология
Дата добавления: 02.02.2009
Скачиваний: 164
Описание: Medical Terminology: An Illustrated Guide takes a stepwise approach to learning the language of medical terminology. Part 1 describes how medical terms are built, and Part 2 introduces body structure, disease, and treatment. These chapters should be studied before proceeding to Part 3, which describes each of the body systems. Individual chapters also build on knowledge in stages, with Key Terms sections listing those terms most commonly used and specialized terms included in a later section entitled Supplementary Terms. The latter terms may be studied according to time available and student needs.
Each chapter opens with a chapter outline and a list of student objectives—goals to be accomplished by the completion of the chapter. In Part 3, the chapters begin with an overview of the normal structure and function of the system under study, followed by a list of key terms with definitions (the roots used in the accompanying chapter exercises are included in these definitions). Word parts related to each topic are then presented and illustrated, along with exercises on the new material. Next, there is an overview of clinical information pertaining to the system, also followed by a list of key terms with definitions. Many chapters contain displays that unify and simplify material on specific topics.
New to this edition is information on complementary and alternative medicine and special interest boxes with information on word derivations and usage.