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Альбомы jin
  Название альбома Изображений Последнее изображение
Изображение 2010 TNU Badminton Championship (Mix)
53 31.03.2010 15:53
Изображение 2010 TNU Badminton Championship (Single)
m-первое место:Zhao Lin
m-второе место:Ma Kuan
m-тритье место:Константин
w-первое место: Дания
w-второе место: Наталья
w-тритье место:Юрия
11 29.03.2010 23:41
Изображение chinese new year 2010
in simferopol
20 14.02.2010 00:55
Изображение my lego star wars
19 11.02.2010 21:37
Изображение my 1/72 miniature painting
17 07.09.2009 18:27
Изображение tnu badminton challenge match
our top player sheva has won all titles
thanks to my partner
3 23.11.2008 22:21
Изображение Jamaica's Bolt breaks world record to win Men's 100m Olympic gold
Usain Bolt of Jamaica broke the world record to win the Men's 100m gold medal at the Beijing Olympic Games here Saturday evening.
Bolt clocked 9.69 seconds to beat his own previous world mark of 9.72 to be crowned the fastest man in the world.
7 17.08.2008 19:28
Изображение Ukraine's Dobrynska wins Heptathlon gold
(BEIJING, August 16) -- Nataliia Dobrynska from Ukraine won the Women's Heptathlon gold medal with a combined total of 6733 points.

Dobrynska of Ukraine has done remarkably well in this event considering her low scores in the first two events. She was seventh after the 100m hurdles with a time of 13.44. Then she dropped down to tenth after a high jump of 1.80m. Her stellar 17.29m Shot Put distance compensated for her earlier scores and allowed for her incredible recovery from tenth place. She finished the Heptathlon's Day 1 in second place behind the United States' Hyleas Fountain. Today she finished Long Jump in first place with a jump of 6.63m. Her accumulated lead helped her stay on top through the Javelin Throw and 800m disciplines. The Beijing 2008 gold medalist finished with a combined total of 6733 points, 33 points ahead of Lyudmilia Blonska.

Blonska came up from sixth after the 100 hurdles to third place after the Long Jump discipline. She was fourth and then fifth in Shot Put and 200m respectively but upped her game today. She was third after the Long Jump of 6.48m and the Javelin Throw of 47.60m and then grabbed second place in the final discipline, the 800m where she ran a 2:09.44. Her combined score of 6700 gives her silver, her first Olympic medal.

Fountain took the lead early in this event holding first place for the 100 Hurdles and High Jump. She fell second to Nataliia Dobrynska of Ukraine after Shot Put where she had nineteenth furthest Shot Put distance. This result only bumped her down to second place after that discipline but narrowed the margins significantly. Fountain was fast in the 200m and finished first but she faced her toughest events today. She had the seventh furthest Long Jump, the twenty-fourth furthest Javelin Throw, and nineteenth fastest 800m time. Though Hyleas finished Day 1 with the highest cumulative points, she finished today with the bronze medal.
3 17.08.2008 19:22
Изображение Chinese win Olympic Badminton Women's Doubles gold
Chinese duo Yu Yang and Du Jing beat Lee Kyung-won and Lee Hyon-jung of the Republic of Korea 21-15, 21-13 to win the Women's Doubles gold medal at the Olympic Badminton tournament here on Friday.

The bronze medal went to Chinese Wei Yili and Zhang Yawen.
6 16.08.2008 20:06
Изображение Ukraine's Ruban wins Men's Individual Archery gold
(BEIJING, August 15) -- Viktor Ruban of Ukraine prevented Park Kyung-mo of the Republic of Korea from winning ROK's first Men's Individual Olympic title with the very last arrow of their gold medal match at the Olympic Green Archery Field on Friday.
4 16.08.2008 20:02

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